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May, 21 3:00 PM CEST
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

The Future of Inclusion: How to take a scientific approach to building a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

MindGym are behaviour change specialists that equip the world’s most ambitious companies to be ready for tomorrow. We believe improving performance comes from changing behaviour, not systems. Over 3 million people have taken part in a MindGym experience and we’re just getting started.

In this session you will learn about tried and tested techniques for building a culture of inclusion. Join us to explore:
  • How DE&I programs influence business results
  • Why existing approaches often fail to deliver
  • The scientific approach that is proven to transform culture and performance
Dr. Janet Ahn Chief Behavioural Science Officer at MindGym 
Desi Kimmins Chief Commercial Officer at MindGym
May, 24 5:00 PM CEST

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say: Techniques to Navigate Uncomfortable Conversations and Support Inclusive Behaviors in the Workplace

Caught off-guard by a comment? Wish you could unsay something you said? Unsure how to respond? In this 90-minute, interactive session, participants will move from a state of shock to an informed plan of action by gaining awareness of the impact of microaggressions in the workplace and the risks associated with navigating them. Learn to work together with understanding and empathy and build relationships without burning bridges by applying a framework and tools designed to help everyone at every level become more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations.

Dianne Sharp Parks Founder of The Bootstrap Initiative
Lisa Balser Certified Diversity Executive, Founder of New & Improved
May, 25 7:00 PM CEST

Boosting Multigenerational Diversity in Corporations to Improve the Business Performance

Participants at this workshop will experience how to use gaming and storytelling
techniques to explore and overcome teams' members generational differences.
They will learn about training methods that can be used to activate employees’
intergenerational dialogue and comprehension and how to develop team managers’ D&I
skills thus they can better manage gens’ differences and, consequently, improve teams and organizational performance.

Further, participants will learn about an XY integration project case history: project’s

process, tools, outcomes and elements of transferability.

Maura Di Mauro Intercultural Trainer, Coach & Consultant, D&I and Innovation Specialist