Fostering Empathy at a Workplace to Boost Employee Engagement and Strengthen Connection

May 25, 2021 2:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Ben NelsonBen Nelson

Managing Consultant

The line between work and life has become significantly blurred since COVID forced so many of us to work from home — and the isolation of quarantine and the shock of current events are testing the limits of our mental toughness. We can’t, and shouldn’t, force our teammates to talk about racism or politics at work, but what happens when you find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to provide a space to understand one another in times of disagreement and discover creative ways, on a limited budget, to boost engagement and build happier teams. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of why vulnerability and boldness are essential to fostering a culture of empathy—and a few ideas to spark change in your organization.

Are you authentically curious about your teammates? 

Have you expanded your diversity checklist beyond race and gender? 

Do your teammates bring their “whole selves” to work?

Session Content:

  1. Leaders will see how grassroots movements can influence change at all levels.

  2. Recruiters will see why focusing on DEI can generate new business and further the cause of equal representation.

  3. Participants will explore how allyship can revolutionize your company’s culture.