How can We Make the Financial Compensation Part of the Corporate Inclusion?

May 21, 2021 6:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

None of the diversity and inclusion discussions out there has yet addressed the issue of money. We have seen many talks on pay gaps, but fixing pay gaps is definitely not enough to make the financial compensation system work for inclusion. Beside the greater purpose that every corporation is trying to create: the mission, vision and values, there is always the material side of the business. The truth is - for millions of employees the main reason why they go to work is to pay their bills, and there is nothing wrong about this.

The goal of every corporate inclusion program is to enhance team spirit and make people thrive at work. If an employee believes they are underpaid, they will typically react by reducing their effort or performance. This may result in, for example, increased sick leave, tardiness, unmet deadlines, excessive work breaks, lack of focus or even a resignation. So how can we make financial compensation part of the corporate inclusion program, that will enable all employees to thrive at a workplace?

In his keynote talk the speaker will provide his perspective on how corporate financial compensation systems should change to create a stimulus for all employees regardless of their rank, position and seniority to be able to thrive and be fairly rewarded for their efforts. Also he will share his view on how the financial compensation system can improve inclusion in the workplace.

Kostiantyn Gridin Partner at CFC Big Ideas