Panel Discussion

Overcoming Barriers to a Workplace that is Inclusive Towards Refugees and Immigrants

May 21, 2021 2:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

With increasing globalization, more people are moving across borders and between countries than ever before. Immigrants and refugees go abroad to find better lives for themselves and take advantage of the career opportunities available. However, even for skilled immigrants, this is often too idealistic, since there are many barriers to employment that prevent such individuals from working in their professional fields.

Conscious and unconscious biases around race, religion, culture and nationality also come into play for newcomers. Sometimes, companies question hiring immigrants, as they are not familiar with the university previously attended or the organizations on the applicant's resume.

So what can employers do, to be more inclusive of these individuals and allow them to fully contribute their skills?

Our speakers will discuss three key topics:

Arifur Rahman Prodhan Head of Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Team at UNHCR Rwanda, the UN Refugee Agency
Joséphine Goube Executive Director at Techfugees For Impact
Jenny Okonkwo Founder and President at Black Female Accountants Network
Maura Di Mauro Intercultural Trainer, Coach & Consultant, D&I and Innovation Specialist
Lakshmi Natarajan Founder of Travel Plus Them