Solving Issues that are Faced by Racial/Ethnic Minorities in a Corporate Setting: a Multi-Pronged Approach

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Ayanna CummingsAyanna Cummings

Director of Diversity + Inclusion at Compass Group at Microsoft

Simultaneous implementation of multiple prongs of particular focus in a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework allows the expert the opportunity to uncover the areas of need within the organization while concurrently ruling out the possibility that one unmet need will potentially undermine the sincere efforts that the diversity, equity, and inclusion transformation inspires.

The prongs are:

By partnering with multiple organizational stakeholders including but not limited to D&I, Human Resources, Finance, Learning & Development, Culinary, Operations, and Leadership, among others, the multi-pronged approach gleans insights and gathers input and collaboration among all organizational members.

The timeframe for the multi-pronged approach provides for the realization of progress within 2-3 years of implementation, with Quarterly results assessed upon establishment of baseline metrics. Such metrics are identified in various sections of the proposal, and include but are not limited to employee engagement, retention, attrition, and career progression from both quantitative and qualitative data sets.

The Multi-Pronged Approach was designed with three levels of -isms2 in mind: the systemic, referring to the institutionalized and systematic oppressive layers of bureaucratic, hegemonic systems of authority or legal mandates and powers that oppress, marginalize, or unjustly discriminate against Blacks, Indigenous, People of Color, women, immigrants, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, older people, and other underrepresented groups.

The key learnings are: