Panel Discussion

From awareness to action: Sun Life’s journey to create an inclusive culture digitally and at scale

May 21, 2021 5:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

When most companies think about building a more inclusive culture, they turn to the methods they know well –– face-to-face (or Zoom-to-Zoom) training, communications plans, learning. There are a cocktail of methods People Leaders can turn to. But the reality is that these methods are really hard work to string together, can be tough to measure, and can date quickly.

Back in 2019, Sun Life decided to take a different approach. Join this practical session to understand how they took their people from awareness to action, managed to create sustainable behavior change, and were able to measure the results. Learn how they maintained momentum during a pandemic, and developed a plan to scale their approach to more than 25,000 people digitally.
Sarah Kheir AVP and Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Sun Life
Fiona Young Head of Programmes at Hive Learning