Atnre AlleyneAtnre Alleyne

Founder of The Proximity Project

Atnre Alleyne is the founder of The Proximity Project, a diversity and inclusion firm that helps organizations build deeper and more authentic connections with marginalized communities. Atnre launched The Proximity Project after over a decade of leading community engagement and empowerment initiatives in some of America's poorest cities. Atnre is the co-founder of TeenSHARP, an organization that prepares students of color for top colleges and equity-centered leadership.

Atnre previously founded and led an education advocacy organization and has served as a Director of Talent Management at the Delaware Department of Education. He is an alumnus of Pahara NextGen and serves on the advisory board of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard. Atnre writes regularly and delivers talks about racial justice, leadership, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and education policy. He has appeared on the TEDx red carpet and has written for TheGrio, The 74 Million, Citizen Ed, Delaware Business Times, and other outlets.

Takes part in

May, 25 12:00 PM CEST

From Diversity to Proximity: Building Deep Connections with Marginalized Communities

Research shows that many diversity programs fail because leaders are rarely pushed to become truly proximate to the people and issues they discuss during mandatory training. This workshop will outline how leaders and their organizations can develop authentic relationships with marginalized communities. We'll demonstrate common organizational barriers to proximity and approaches to establishing deep community partnership.

Atnre Alleyne Founder of The Proximity Project