Loubna CharefLoubna Charef

Organizational Psychology Consultant

Loubna Charef is a workplace coach, speaker, and international Industrial & Organizational Psychology consultant specializing in working with organizations to find innovative and sustainable ways to adapt to the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world. Her areas of expertise include Diversity & Inclusion, change management, identifying training and development needs; designing innovative learning experiences, designing and optimizing job and work and quality of work-life, formulate and implement training programs and evaluate their effectiveness.

As a career consultant with Elmhurst University, she works directly with community employers to build employer relationships to promote the hiring of individuals with disabilities and neurodiversity. She also assists and prepares individuals with disabilities for and attains competitive employment in the community.

Takes part in

May, 22 10:00 AM CEST

Boosting Inclusion at a Workplace by Including Invisible Disabilities

Disabilities can come in many different forms. Most people are familiar with a "visible" disability. If you see someone at work using a wheelchair, wearing a hearing aid or using an assistive device, you likely are aware the person has a disability. However not all disabilities are obvious to the eye.  An invisible disability is just as life-affecting as a visible one, but they're not as talked about and easily understood. Disability is consistently overlooked in conversations about diversity & inclusion".

Loubna Charef Organizational Psychology Consultant