Mx. Pips BunceMx. Pips Bunce

Head of Global Markets Technology Strategic Programs at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

Along with her role as Director and Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs, Pips is co-chair of the firm’s LGBT & Ally Network which drives to encourage an inclusive work culture where all are encouraged to bring their whole self to work and to promote authenticity in the workplace regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexuality.

Pips identifies as gender fluid and non-binary hence both identities within the Trans umbrella. She has always been open and out both personally and professionally. Being gender fluid, they choose to express as either female or male dependent on their preferred gender expression for a given day both at home or at work. Pips has been happily married to her wife for over 25 years and they have been blessed with 2 children who are now 23 and 20, all of whom embrace whatever opportunities possible to help promote the acceptance and celebration of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.

Prior to Credit Suisse, Pips was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs for 5 years, worked at UBS for 2 years, IT consultancies for 3 years and a technical officer at British Telecom research for 7 years. Pips was awarded a prestigious position in the OUTStanding, Involve and Yahoo Finance executive Leader list, featured in the HERoes Female Executives list, shortlisted for the European Diversity Awards and won the Inspirational Leader category as part of the British LGBT Awards. She is also an active proponent for many of the firms diversity and inclusion activities, helps produce articles for CS to help inform allies of the importance of inclusivity in the workplace (including the Trans Q&A Guide and the LGBT Ally Program - Focus on Trans Video).

Pips also works with many mainstream media firms such as the BBC, The Financial News, Parliament and the Governments Equalities Office to highlight the importance of Ally programs in progressing LGBT inclusion and on specialized publications such as this article on coming out as Gender Fluid in the Financial Markets or this BBC documentary talking about gender fluidity in the workplace. She presents to many groups on LGBT inclusion topics and is engaged with many external groups (including Stonewall, OutStanding, GiRes, Diversity Role Models, Mermaids, P3 Proud Professional Parents etc.) and other affiliations focused on LGBT challenges and continually strives to improve the culture of the workplace for all.

Mx Bunce graduated with a first class BSc Hons degree in electrical and electronic engineering and IT systems and carries out numerous types of charity work for LGBT charities, is a mentor for multiple Trans* groups and is always open to presenting to various forums on arange of LGBT related topics.

Takes part in

May, 21 4:00 PM CEST
DEI Solution Stage
Panel Discussion

An Intersectional Approach to Addressing All Inequalities in one DEI Strategy

The term intersectionality is becoming more common in discussions of DEI. Still, many employers aren’t sure what it means—or why it matters in their workplace.

Many HR and diversity professionals tend to focus on one type of discrimination at a time. But humans themselves aren’t one-dimensional. For instance, Black women earn substantially less on average than their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts for doing the same jobs. And the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than twice the rate for people without disabilities. For a worker who is a Black woman with a disability, these two issues are compounded.

If corporate inclusion efforts don’t prioritize intersectionality, they risk being counterproductive—and can potentially even be harmful.

So how to build an intersectional DEI strategy with true belonging, empathy and inclusion in a company?

Our speakers will examine the following topics in this panel:

  • How to boost awareness of intersectionality among DEI and HR officers across the company
  • How a holistic approach can provide greater support for all employees
  • The power of Allyship programs in fostering a culture of belonging
Cornell Verdeja-Woodson Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Headspace, Founder & CEO at Brave Trainings
Mx. Pips Bunce Head of Global Markets Technology Strategic Programs at Credit Suisse
Lydia Smith Diversity & Inclusion expert
Susi Collins Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS)