Tanisha DayalTanisha Dayal

D&I Consulting Partner at The Resource Key

The Resource Key is an inclusive digital agency supporting business marketing departments in the following areas: inclusive and accessible social media management, workshops/trainings, inclusive creative photography, and diverse, inclusive and accessible social media advising. Their Priority is ensuring People with Disabilities are included, and making meaningful connections to brands. They are building community through inclusive and impactful branding for all.

Tanisha navigated her way through her disability difficulties with her strong love for reading and writing, She managed to study in one of the prestigious college in her country with bachelors in English Honours. She later on went to study masters in International Relations from Dublin. She always loved travelling which allowed her to secure sponsored international internships and research.

She has donned in many different responsibilities with ease ranging from student counsellor, social worker, team leader, researcher, campaigner, disability rights activist, consultant, HR head, fundraiser as well as a teacher.

She currently works with Jourdan Saunders as a Consulting Partner in The Resource Key with the hopes to bring in the restructured perspectives/perceptions about disabilities in the corporate world and allow better involvement of DE&I practices to encourage the eradication of ableism among us.

Takes part in

May, 24 10:00 AM CEST

The Foundation of Developing Disability Leadership to Enhance Workplace Culture and Business Growth

The workshop is for everyone who wants a genuine insight to the realities of what the disabled community goes through and how we can find alternatives to develop ourselves pertaining to the context. Can we envision a board committee having disabled leaders in the future? If yes, then excellent! We ask you to share your experiences with us on how we can execute that! If no, we would like to know if you are open to learning with us?

Incorporating discussions, self-reflection, presentations, storytelling, debating in the session will positively allow you to formulate a respectful frame of reference in a conscientious way.

Jourdan Saunders MS, CCC-SLP, CEO & Founder of The Resource Key
Tanisha Dayal D&I Consulting Partner at The Resource Key