Ashwini PrasadAshwini Prasad

DEIB Consultant

Ashwini Prasad, The Inclusive Screenwriter, leads with equity and justice as her pillars in her work as an anti-racist consultant, screenwriter and podcast host. Her pillars were rooted in college which is now over 20 years of experience in anti-racism, anti-oppression and social justice work with two Master’s degrees in these focus areas.

As the daughter of Fijian immigrants, Ashwini tells stories about people straddling two worlds and dealing with overwhelming obstacles. She finds inspiration in inclusive storytelling and believes in creating fictional worlds that represent the one she lives in. Ashwini’s screenplays focus on bringing people who are erased/marginalized onto our screens.

Her recent book, “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide,” provides how tos on writing inclusively that is available for purchase on Amazon OverDrive, and Nook. Her podcast, “Inclusive Storytelling,” is available on Apple and Spotify. The vodcast is on YouTube. She also co-teaches inclusive storytelling workshops as well as masterclasses.

Takes part in

May, 27 8:30 PM CEST

Inclusion, Exclusion and Actionable Steps for Inclusive Storytelling: Lessons from Hollywood

This event explores the history of film and TV, exclusion, racism and some current statistics. You will learn how to make your storytelling more inclusive with some tips from the book, “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide”.

Ashwini Prasad DEIB Consultant