Tania DuarteTania Duarte

Co-Founder at We and AI

Tania Duarte is Co-Founder of We and AI, a UK non-profit organisation run by volunteers from a range of backgrounds. It aims to get a greater diversity of people and perspectives into making Artificial Intelligence systems, and making sure they are trustworthy. She believes technology should be equitable and beneficial for all people, and works on programmes to increase AI literacy, and empower marginalised groups to use their voices as to how AI is used in their lives. An important part of this is inspiring people from underrepresented groups to consider careers in AI and data, and to advocate for the valuing of diversity of lived experience amongst technology teams and leadership. 

Tania is on the Founding Editorial Board of Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics Journal, is a Group Lead for Tech London Advocates Tech for disAbility, Is one of Women in AI Ethics’ 100 Brilliant Women 2021, and and advisor for ETIQ.ai, an algorithmic bias mitigating software startup.

Tania has worked in various industry sectors over the last 30 years, in business and marketing management and consultancy roles in everything from tech startups to retail, leisure, and traditional media. She has an MBA, is a Certified ScrumMaster, and a Diploma in Digital Business Leadership.

Key areas of interest are AI literacy for non technical people, AI bias, diversity in AI, improving stock images of AI, protection of the independence of AI ethics researchers, Race and AI, and disability tech.

Tania can be found at https://twitter.com/TanDuarte and https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanduarte/, and welcomes volunteers at https://weandai.org/ and testers for The Race and AI Toolkit https://weandai.org/race-and-ai-toolkit/.

Takes part in

May, 20 11:00 AM CEST
Big Ideas Stage
Panel Discussion

Diverse Teams as the Foundation for Inclusive Products and Services

Getting feedback and keeping in mind issues facing disadvantaged groups are essential, yet an undiverse team is never likely to know all the questions to ask or the experiences to consider. An inclusive organization, on the other hand, with multi-background employees, is more likely to be truly innovative and come up with products and experiences for all individuals, not just the presumed majority.

Our speakers will cover the following issues during this panel:

  • How diverse teams can help enlarge your company’s customer base
  • How inclusive products can boost customer loyalty
  • What ethical issues to consider in developing inclusive products and services
Liam McNally Diversity & Inclusion Partner at GitLab Inc.
Siddhi Trivedi Founder at Beyond Identity
Tania Duarte Co-Founder at We and AI
Peter Mousaferiadis CEO at Cultural Infusion