Panel Discussion

Hiring Policies to Improve Gender Balance and Overcome Sex-based Biases

May 21, 2021 7:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Getting a gender-balanced team and overcoming bias need to ultimately be the goals of the majority of all corporate DEI strategies. In reality, this isn’t always the case, as gender diversity is still a real issue in many professional fields.

Unfortunately, in most countries, women, transgender and non-binary persons remain underrepresented. Sex-based bias is a problem that the modern workforce still faces. With so much attention paid to gender equality in recent years, some progress has been seen, but not enough. According to a study of the US by, the “uncontrolled gender pay gap, which takes the ratio of the median earnings of women to men without controlling for various compensable factors, has only decreased by $0.07 since 2015. In 2020, women make only $0.81 for every dollar a man makes.”

So how can companies promote gender equality in hiring and overcome sex-based discrimination?

Our speakers will discuss the following topics:

Michelle Penelope King Best Selling Author
Okeyi Ojotule Comfort (Solace) Founder at She Rise Africa, Writer, Storyteller, Podcaster
Chiara Condi Expert, Activist, Consultant at Chiara Condi
Jennifer Brown Founder & CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting
Carina Furlong Co-President at PWN Global