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Expert, Activist, Consultant at Chiara Condi

Chiara is an activist, speaker and expert raising awareness about gender equality and diversity. She consults corporations on their diversity goals based on her extensive experience in the subject. She inspires awareness to change. Chiara has launched a podcast, The Other Half which interviews male leaders and CEOs around the world on the subject of gender equality in their personal and professional lives. Chiara is a regular voice in the media and she is an internationally renowned speaker on the topics of gender equality, the future of work and building a more inclusive world for women. In 2017 she was awarded the Woman of Influence Prize (Business and Hope) for the year in France for her work on the subject.

Chiara is the founder of Led By HER, a nonprofit that works on women's entrepreneurship, innovation and women’s rights. In partnership with business schools and corporations, the organization delivers an entrepreneurship program to help women who have suffered from violence rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship. With a community of over 250 volunteers the organization offers courses, individual mentoring, and hackathon events co-organized with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Led By HER recently launched FoundHERLab, a digital platform coded by Capgemini, to mobilize companies worldwide around women’s entrepreneurship by offering pro-bono skill based volunteering to women entrepreneurs locally.

Prior to founding Led By HER Chiara worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to maximize the gender impact of the Bank’s investments. She graduated from Harvard and has a masters from Sciences Po/LSE

Takes part in

May, 21 7:00 PM CEST
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Hiring Policies to Improve Gender Balance and Overcome Sex-based Biases

How can companies promote gender equality in hiring and overcome sex-based discrimination? Our speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • How to attract more women to apply for a position at your company
  • Techniques to overcome sex-based and gender bias
  • How to promote gender equality in the workplace
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Chiara Condi Expert, Activist, Consultant at Chiara Condi
Jennifer Brown Founder & CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting
Carina Furlong Co-President at PWN Global 
May, 24 2:00 PM CEST

How Can Companies Use Diversity to Enhance Profits and Innovation: an Exploration of Inclusive Leadership

So how can leaders develop a diversity performance mindset to succeed in tomorrow’s world and best prepare their organizations for a future?

This workshop gives CEOs, managers and high level leaders the keys to developing a diversity performance mindset. The workshop covers how diversity ties to performance and how leaders can best lead with this mindset as well as prepare their organizations to best seize the opportunities of a diverse workforce for optimal results.

Chiara Condi Expert, Activist, Consultant at Chiara Condi