Mx. Pips BunceMx. Pips Bunce

Head of Global Markets Technology Strategic Programs at Credit Suisse

Anna KrysAnna Krys

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Practice at CFC Big Ideas

Melinda Briana EplerMelinda Briana Epler

Founder, CEO at Change Catalyst

Patrice PerkinsPatrice Perkins

Director at Startup Grind Capital Region NY, Member at Startup Grind Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Analyst at In Focus Brands

Ayumi Moore AokiAyumi Moore Aoki

Founder & CEO of Women in Tech and Social Brain, Senator at WBAF (World Business Angels Investment Forum)

Adam Patrick FulhamAdam Patrick Fulham

Founder at Startup Network Europe

Kostiantyn GridinKostiantyn Gridin

Partner at CFC Big Ideas

Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown

Founder & CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting

Nathalie CrosbieNathalie Crosbie

Coach, Startup Investor, Advisor

Joe ThurmanJoe Thurman

CEO & Head of Product at interviewIA

Jim RottmanJim Rottman

former Chief Diversity Officer at Roche Pharma, CEO of Inclusion Equation

Mahdis GharaeiMahdis Gharaei

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at the female factor