Donnica Campbell Donnica Campbell

Chief Executive Officer at One World Consultation

Donnica is a dynamic speaker that is very passionate about social justice. Her passion led to her entrepreneurial journey as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant.

She possess over 10 years experience working with various organizations to increase their capacity in the area of inclusion. She also has an experience working in both Social Service and Healthcare Sectors.

Takes part in

May, 21 9:00 PM CEST
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Digital Tools to Improve Inclusion in the Post-COVID Workplace

Nowadays, there are tools that help companies decrease bias, improve retention, manage talent and hiring processes, and much more. In addition to implementing DEI strategy in your organization, you can take advantage of tech tools that make it easier to include every employee.

So what appropriate digital tools can boost post-COVID inclusion at your organization?

  • Our speakers will discuss the following topics:
  • The best technologies for hiring and retention processes to boost DEI in the post-COVID workplace
  • Top digital tools to improve cross-team collaboration after the pandemic
  • DEI analytics to reinforce and assess inclusion efforts
Anie Akpe Founder at African Women In Technology
Donnica Campbell Chief Executive Officer at One World Consultation
Iman Refaat Language Development Team Lead at Arabize and Assistant Lecturer at Badr University in Cairo
Felicia M Nurmsen Managing Director at National Organization on Disability
May, 22 5:00 PM CEST

Boosting Engagement of Invisible Groups to Improve DEI Strategy

The workshop will be focused on discussing the importance of having from various communities in leadership positions in organizations and the impact of not having individuals from various backgrounds in these positions.

Donnica Campbell Chief Executive Officer at One World Consultation