Matilda BergkvistMatilda Bergkvist

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, CEO and Founder of Includer

Matilda Bergkvist is a Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and Consultant with 8 years of professional

experience of working with diversity, inclusion and belonging both in-house and consulting.

Matilda is the founder and CEO of the Swedish based consultancy firm Includer, who helps

companies and organizations of all sizes to implement and succeed with D&I strategies,
operations, programs and education. By her clients is the Swedish government and government
agencies as well as companies like Sneakersnstuff, Ubisoft, Skanska and ICA (biggest grocery store in Sweden) to name a few.

Matilda has a BA in Gender Studies from Lund University and Utrecht University, including studies

in discrimination law, and organization and leadership.
She is also the author of the book “Diskrimineringslagen – handbook för chefer” – a practical guide
for managers about the Swedish discrimination law and how to implement active measures for a discrimination free workplace.

Her interest for equality, diversity and inclusion started as a 15 years old, volunteering in NGO's,

when she saw young talents (often women and from minority groups) quitting before reaching
their highest potential due to micro aggressions, lack of leadership support and lack of inclusive
procedures. She then understood the importance of belonging and recognition as it affected the engagement levels by the volunteers.

She started her own business in year 2013, at age 22, and have since then been working as an

consultant, helping business leaders, managers and HR successfully implement strategies for diversity and inclusion at their workplaces.

Matilda doesn’t believe in blaming and pointing fingers, but in making people understand the

underlying problem with biases, create a common goal and focus on finding the solutions ahead.
Her approach is about making it easy for people to do the right thing.

Takes part in

May, 25 10:00 AM CEST

Debias your Organization for Building Healthy Relationships in Teams and Win Top Talents

We all want to feel valued, recognized, empowered and to feel that we belong at work, that is why diversity and inclusion is so important for winning the top talents today. It is no longer a good to have, but a need to have. But how do you ensure that our talent processes is free from bias and discrimination? How can we identify and mitigate bias in recruitment? How can we empower and develop diverse talents? And how can we create inclusion and belonging so that top talents want to stay? In this workshop, we discuss solutions for debiasing our organizations.

Matilda Bergkvist Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, CEO and Founder of Includer