Rosie YeungRosie Yeung

CPA, CA, CHRL, Principal and Founder of Changing Lenses

Rosie is a Speaker, Coach, Strategist and Podcaster for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), specializing in intersectional diversity and Asian-Canadian identity. Her life goal is to reduce social inequity and discrimination, especially in wealth, race, and gender.

Rosie loves mentoring Asian and racialized women to succeed in business as their true selves. She is a Certified HR Leader and has held multiple leadership positions in HR and finance, including roles as external executive recruiter and internal hiring manager.

As a Chinese-Canadian, immigrant, cis-straight female with invisible disabilities, Rosie’s intersectional identities help her empathize with diverse communities, and bring compassion and kindness to her work. She is the creator and host of the Changing Lenses Podcast, seeing social justice through the eyes of people different from us.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Rosie enjoys travel (except during global pandemics) and has served communities in Guatemala, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda. To de-stress, she watches movies and eats popcorn and ice cream – sometimes simultaneously!

Takes part in

May, 27 2:00 PM CEST

Radically Reimagined Recruiting: Hire More Inclusively and Effectively

Do you want to increase diversity in your organization, but feel like you’re just trying to meet
hiring targets? Does screening hundreds of resumes make hiring feel like a crapshoot? Should
you use “blind” candidate applications to reduce unconscious bias?
If you’re confused about how to hire equitably and inclusively, you’re not alone.
Rosie Yeung, Certified HR Leader and veteran recruiter, and Susan Bartlett, Rhodes Scholar
and human-centred design expert, lead this interactive design thinking workshop to make a
centuries old process more equitable, inclusive and effective.

Rosie Yeung CPA, CA, CHRL, Principal and Founder of Changing Lenses
Susan Bartlett Human-Centred Design Practitioner