Panel Discussions

May, 21 9:00 PM CEST
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Digital Tools to Improve Inclusion in the Post-COVID Workplace

Nowadays, there are tools that help companies decrease bias, improve retention, manage talent and hiring processes, and much more. In addition to implementing DEI strategy in your organization, you can take advantage of tech tools that make it easier to include every employee.

So what appropriate digital tools can boost post-COVID inclusion at your organization?

  • Our speakers will discuss the following topics:
  • The best technologies for hiring and retention processes to boost DEI in the post-COVID workplace
  • Top digital tools to improve cross-team collaboration after the pandemic
  • DEI analytics to reinforce and assess inclusion efforts
Anie Akpe Founder at African Women In Technology
Donnica Campbell Chief Executive Officer at One World Consultation
Iman Refaat Language Development Team Lead at Arabize and Assistant Lecturer at Badr University in Cairo
Felicia M Nurmsen Managing Director at National Organization on Disability
May, 21 10:00 PM CEST
Big Ideas Stage
Panel Discussion

Current State of Diversity & Inclusion: Panel on Polarization

How should we lead on inclusion in the new environment? Looking at the research over the past 12 months, the panel will discuss:

  • Is polarization getting worse or better?
  • Is there too much of a focus on race?
  • ‘Heat’ vs ‘light’ approaches to driving social and behavioral change
  • How we can talk about race and other high stakes issues in ways that help
  • Is there a difference between what our organization needs vs. what it is ready for?
Wei-Li Chong U.S. President of MindGym
Dr. Janet Ahn Chief Behavioural Science Officer at MindGym 
Tessa West Associate Professor at New York University (NYU)
Khalil Smith Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement at Akamai